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Sonia Narang, a Nutritionist and Dietician, has been bestowed by The Hindustan Times “Women For Women” award. She has been acknowledged by Bachelor’s degree in Home Science and Post Graduation in Food Science and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi, including the degree from AIIMS. She has experience in hospital, foodservices, media, corporate and community settings, and also has done a hospital based internship with AIIMS.

Her impressive list of clientele includes the former health minister Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss's family and the Mayor of Delhi Mr. Prithiviraj Sawhney concludes her proficiency. Sonia Narang has chiseled a niche for herself in this eminently vying and utterly result oriented field of Nutrition and Diet. Her Diet and Wellness Clinic has been taking take care of many individuals and organizations since 1997.

She believes that consumption of food is completely an individual practice and universal cultural experience. Sonia Narang not just on provides diet charts but also helps you to have pragmatic lifestyle alterations while you’re relishing your food.

Staying in shape is possible only if one follows a healthy and wholesome diet chart constitute of all the essential nutrients. Banishing your entire diet routine might leave you starving but metamorphosing it with their healthy substitutes can help you in reducing the weight. Sonia Narang, best dietician in Shanti Niketan, R K Puram, Vasant Vihar, and South Delhi will benefit you with an appropriate diet plan that will enhance your lifestyle and help you in reducing your body fat.

She provides comprehensive counseling to each and every individual or groups with a wide range of pertinent health disorders, such as:
• Diabetes
• Pregnancy and Lactation
• Weight Loss and Management
• Sports and Fitness Nutrition
• Vegetarianism
• Health Maintenance and Disease Prevention
• Age-Specific Needs
• Osteoporosis
• Heart Disease
• Cholesterol and Lipid Disorders

Sonia is careful who’ll offer you more than one session to understand you or to educate and support your journey towards a better and healthful living.

Quick Tips
  • Water The Wonder Drink
  • A glass of water in the morning will boost intestine cleansing.
  • A glass of water before meal reduces appetite.
  • A glass of water before bath reduces blood pressure.
  • A glass of water before sleep reduces the risk of heart attack.
  • Having 12 to 14 glasses of water everyday ensures healthy and youthful skin.

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